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About Boomerang Retro & Relics

Boomerang was born in 2014 as the Upper Peninsula's first retro-chic boutique. Boomerang Retro & Relics is more than just a retro store with all new items and it's definitely not an antique store with only original vintage items. At Boomerang we combine the best of both the retro and original vintage into a unique shopping experience! Focusing on mid-century pieces (late ‘40s to the ‘60s) we aim to carry unique, interesting, and most importantly fabulous clothing, housewares, accessories, and décor to make the world a little more colorful.

Our Treasure Hunt


Searching for our inventory is like a treasure hunt, but we never know what the treasure will be! When browsing the catalogs of the small manufacturers that make our new retro items, we look for quality, style, and a mid-century aesthetic. Our vintage items (usually between 50-70 years old) are sourced from many places, but mostly locally. You never know what you’ll find in a Yooper’s attic! Boomerang's proprietor Nick, has a keen eye for materials, patterns, colors, and details that help him spot the gems among piles of rags or racks of modern clothing.

Once an item comes into the store we inspect everything, including new merchandise. Quality is of utmost importance for all our items! New clothing is steamed, vintage housewares are cleaned and repaired, and vintage clothing is steamed, cleaned appropriately, and mended if necessary. We have years of experience with all kinds of materials and are very careful to use the right cleaning method for the right job.

Just For You!


We love every piece that comes into the store, but ultimately we want YOU

to find something YOU LOVE, and we want you to be able to use or wear it.

A dress or top that makes you happy every time you put it on. 

A conversation piece or something you never thought you’d find. 

A knick-knack like your grandma had.

Something that speaks to you.

Boomerang Customer Review

What a wonderfully curated store. The goods are kitschy and amazing and the people who work here are awesome!

Lauren R.


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